About Us

Need help to create and rediscover the energy of play, joy, and possibility in your life and focus its power to fuel your work in reaching your dreams and goals?

We believe that the path to your dreams can be fulfilling, inspiring, and energizing.

Are you looking to bring a sense of lightness into your life?

Are you in the midst of a time of change and are looking for ways to navigate the waters with confidence, creativity, and innovation?

Do you appear highly successful to others, but within yourself feel drained, tired, or dissatisfied?

Or are you someone that generally feels joyful and positive, yet has hit a challenging time in life?

Levity Coaching is a unique approach to life coaching based on the idea that the more joy, laughter, and play we bring into our lives, the greater satisfaction we feel, the more optimally we perform, and the deeper the level of success we experience in our personal and professional lives.