Creating A Good Meditation Environment


One thing that helps a lot of people out there to realize the barriers that have been holding them back, or the answers to problems that have been plaguing them, is just a bit of regular meditation each day. The time limit is not as important as actually creating this habit and doing it daily.

To be successful with your meditating, you need a good space where you can immerse yourself and get in the zone without having to worry about any distractions or discomfort while you engage in the process.

One of the most important things is that this space needs to be private and free of distractions. For most people, this means a door so that no one walks in and distracts you – including your pets. A door is also useful for shutting out the sounds that you do not want distracting you. Remove any phones from the meditation room as nothing is quite as annoying as sitting quietly in meditation and having the ring-ring of a phone cutting into your in the zone time. And if there is anything else in the space that makes an annoying noise, then now is the time to relocate it.

Work on creating the sound that you want to hear while in meditation. This can be anything from the bubbling sounds of water coming from a cool zen fountain that you’ve added to the room or a noise cancelling machine that gives you white noise or sounds of a rainstorm on a tin roof. Or maybe it is instrumental violin music that doesn’t distract. Whatever it is – make sure that you have it available for each day that you meditate so that when your body hears that sound, it knows that it is time for you to get in the zone.

Another important feature of your meditation room is comfort. This is everything from the temperature to the seating. If you prefer it cool, then crank up the air conditioner or put a fan in the room that you can use. For seating, you can go with lots of large pillows, mats and blankets or bring in a really comfortable chair or couch. Whatever it is, you to make sure that it is comfortable for prolonged periods of sitting in the same place. Otherwise, your meditation will be ruined by your constant thoughts about how uncomfortable your seating is in the room. And no one wants that, right? Cause it would make the whole process a complete waste.

If you like certain smells, then take care to include that in your room as well. It could be something like fresh flowers or even an oil reed diffusers that lets out nice smelling essential oils into the room. I suggest lavender essential oil as it is known for it’s calming effects.

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