Do You Need A Life Coach?

Before you choose a life coach, it is important to know what they are, and what they can do for you. Life coaches can be viewed as people, who do not necessarily have degrees in social work or psychology, who attempt to work with people who have come to a crossroads in their personal or business lives where they are “stuck.”

Thinking that you need a life coach, does not mean that you are weak or incompetent, just that you feel you need someone in your corner. To learn how to think”outside of the box.”, because being in a box does not assist you in solving the problems in your life.

No one’s life is perfect. Every human can benefit from a second set of ears, and let’s be clear here, life coaches are not therapists, which makes them a more palatable option for some men who think of therapy as a tool for women to come to terms with their past. Coaching,  they can relate to, because it reminds them of sports. Even experts need to fine tune their life skills, be it in communication, or relationships . The downside of being a life coach is you often are not licensed, are not permitted to diagnose illness or prescribe medication, which makes your services in the category of non-reimbursable by insurance.

The concern in the growing numbers of people becoming life coaches, is their inability to treat truly lonely fearful people, who are the clientele of psychotherapists. Life coaches are action and solution oriented, closing the door on past issues to deal with more present problems. The bottom line is you may need a therapist,to comes to terms with underlying issues, when those have been managed, a life coach can keep you even keeled. Remember that no therapist or life coach is able to “fix” your unhappiness. The answer is within yourself, life coaches will assist you at figuring out the reasons for your unhappiness, or being “stuck”, but you have to do the actual internal; work on your own.


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