Got Laughter?

Laughter Coaching is a transformational one on one process working via phone or in person to bring the practice of laughter into your life. Studies continue to show the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of having abundant laughter in our lives. Laughter Coaching creates or reestablishes the practice of laughter in your life.

Who is it for?

Laughing coaching is for you if …

You have a genuine desire for more joy and laughter in your life.

You find it a challenge to smile or laugh.

You have experienced the perspective shift that laughing brings and want to be able to replicate it whenever you need it.

You want to use a unique life coaching with technique of practicing laughter to further the work towards your goals.

You are in a time of change and want navigate it with a sense of possibility, hope, and strength.

What are the benefits?

You will…

feel connected to your life and what you are experiencing.

increase your ability to see solutions.

progress more easily towards established goals.

bring lightness and empowerment to challenges so they become opportunities.

have greater self-confidence, lower stress levels, and better mental wellbeing.